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Items for Sale

 ★ Items for Sale ★

Many unusual items. Estate of eccentric genius, with widely varied interests, being disposed of prior to his anticipated return to his home planet.

Reverse Engineering

 ★ Reverse Engineering ★

Details extracted by digging deep into the under-pinnings of products and methods. The goal being to crack the door open just a bit to allow users increased service from items acquired legitimately.

Black List

 ★ Black List ★

Organizations that have done wrong, along with details about their disreputable actions.

White List

 ★ White List ★

Organizations and businesses worthy of respect. Places that have achieved a fine reputation among their customers. Where all departments are guided by laudable principals. Fine products and cooperative services deserve recognition.


 ★ Family ★

Glimpses of an ordinary American family. Even family members find this link to be boring, and at times, embarrassing.


 ★ Neighborhood ★

The Greater Lost Meadows Neighborhood news with meeting information and details for the occassional LIDO.

Vehicle Repairs

 ★ Vehicle Repairs ★

Keeping the family jalopy comfortable, safe and road-legal. Maintaining motor-driven yard equipment.


 ★ Computer Discoveries ★

Getting deep into desktop computers. Important issues for those that build their own PCs. Tuning a computer for performance and reliability. Things to consider when the PC is at odds with its users.


 ★ Privacy and Security ★

At the present time, governments, companies and criminals are compromising our privacy. Its important to know how to limit exposure. Taking appropriate security measures can reduce personal data leakage and defend against thefts of assets.


 ★ Special Interest Projects ★

3D printing, IP camera interface software, HVAC condensate solution, home alarm system components, in-line dryer filter, home made ice cream, Mustang skid-steer repairs, John Deere Backhoe repairs, etc.

Home Interior

 ★ Home Interior Projects ★

Shower plumbing repairs from the front.
Picture window installation.
Linoleum removal.

Real Estate Projects

 ★ Real Estate Projects ★

Land re-shaping.
Road building.
Selecting, planting and caring for trees.
Building a sewer system.
Trenching for water pipes.
Trenching for under-ground electric wiring.
Building a water well.

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